Q4 Vis-a-Vis

For families, groups of friends our couples in need for space we’ve developed our most versatile rental tent: the Q4 Vis-a-Vis.

Here is the almost impossible that we had in mind designing the tent:

  • Pitching time in less than a single minute
  • High enough to stand upright and walk around
  • Removable internal walls to make is a huge monospace, a single room or double room hotel-tent
  • Weather resistant
  • Brand able with removable banners
  • Made for 95% identical fabrics (Polyester) for easier recycling
  • Big front opening without rain pouring in when the door is open
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy cleaning – no funny corners
  • Hidden pockets to prevent theft
  • Safe

Well, we did it. Last year the Q4 tents were habituated for thousands of night. In 2017 we’re giving the Q4 Vis-a-Vis a serious upgrade making it even stronger and easier to pitch.

Too big? Consider our Q2 Big tent.


Q4 Vis-a-Vis inside view
Q4 Vis-a-Vis – working on the sample to make it beter. We’re never finished. We want the best rental-tents!