Q2 BIG – the easiest rental providing luxurious space for two

The Q2 BIG – third generation – is the most amazing rental camping tent you will probably have seen.

It’s amazing for the user and the rental organisation. With the experience of almost 10.000 camping nights we just made it better for 2017.

For the user it gives a well ventilated tent with loads of space in the vestibule area as well as the inner tent. As the tent is especially designed for dirty music festivals it keeps the mud even our of the vestibule.  The hight is enough for easy handling of luggage. Handy pockets are not visible from outside for your security. There is less condensation in the Q2 Big than in most other 2 person tents.

For the organisation the Q2 BIG is a tent that pitches extremely fast, can serve over 4 years use (being used every weekend of the summer season), which footprint is low (for more tents on the same space) and is extremely easy to clean.

Moreover – we considered the ecological impact of this tent with all of our knowledge. Apart from having a long life span and being easily repairable – the tent is made from almost 100% polyester, making it interesting for recycling companies.