Sheltercare was started in 2012 as a response to the oversupply of cheap crappy tents at music festivals, which are – in many cases – left behind on the festival camping fields.

Jakob De Proft in the sampling room

Rather than protesting against this kind of behavior Sheltercare came up with solutions.

We have found that for festival organizations and camping sites at music festivals a serious re-useable rental tent is an alternative that not only provides an extra income for the camping site, yet also provides more safety (cannot burn, organized lane for fire fighters), more effective use of space and a substantial lower ecological footprint.

Also – our tents do NOT require big truckloads with gear to bring all this space to the field.

We have found that for the festival visitor – which typically does not have extended camping experience – our tents offer more comfort than the cheap tents that are being used now – for an affordable rental price. Furthermore – the visitor does not have to carry around heavy loads of camping gear, does not have to pitch it and take it down at the end of the great but tiring festival.



After years of R&D  -for the first time – Sheltercare is launching the Flingtent. The first biodegradable camping tents – for limited use. They will be seen for the first time during 2017 festivals.



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